Chemotherapy and Botanical Support


Author: Daniel Weber PhD MSc.
Editors: Wang Jing, Shanghai TCM University; Remo Lanci B.TCM
Publisher: Panaxea Publishing
First Published: 2020
Pages: 154
ISBN: 978-0-646-99441-3


This book covers the latest research in the use of botanical medicines and chemotherapy. For many patients the most traumatic experience in cancer treatment is chemotherapy. When patients undergo chemo, a wide variety of side-effects arise, some so serious as to cause the cessation of the treatment. Even when being able to continue treatment, the severity of physical and emotional distress is extremely debilitating.

Chemotherapy and Botanical Support reviews the major chemotherapeutic agents and provides various botanical isolates, individual herbs and herbal formulations to support patient well-being. Many of these botanicals also have significant anti-tumoural activities properties as well. Extensive research is provided to support practitioner decisions and confidence in prescribing.

Daniel Weber DSc PhD


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