USA 2020

Botanicals & Chemotherapy

MARCH 10: San Francisco, CA | MAR 15: Portland, OR | MARCH 23: Denver, CO | MARCH 29: Santa Monica, CA

Neurological disorders

MARCH 5: Santa Monica, CA | MARCH 19: Boulder, CO



Australia  July 14     7 pm (Sydney time)

Telemedicine: The Art and Science of the Electronic Consultation
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US           March 31  7 pm (PT)

Australia  April 1     1 pm AEDT


In this series of 9 webinars, I’ve attempted to provide an informative exploration of the function of Gut and its profound effect on our health and vitality. The gut is the major immune and endocrine organ, and via the vagus nerve, there is significant influence over the brain, mood and cognition. And, recent research on gut microbiome, demonstrate that the microbiome is a virtual ‘organ’, which has a whole body impact. Some of the topics covered in this series include the microbiome and cancer, the Gut Brain Axis, The enteric system, SIBO, IBD, Mood and Neurological Disorders.