Daniel Weber is a prolific author, lecturer and clinician constantly pushing the frontiers of science, metaphysics and integrated medicine. Daniel’s intimate understanding of how the body works from a molecular level through to systems, together with an inimitable knowledge of botanical medicine made him sought after internationally by practitioners and patients alike, both as a lecturer and a clinician.

Daniel Weber is one of the pioneers in complementary medicine. He created the first English language database for Chinese herbal medicine in 1992, with which he gained his PhD. The database was awarded ‘Innovations in Australian Design’ and put on exhibit in the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

As Visiting Professor at Tianjin University, Daniel conducts research into Triple Negative Breast cancer and botanical isolates. He is Vice-Chair of oncology with the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

Daniel is also a consultant to the International Consortium for Chinese Medicine and Cancer, at the Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the National Cancer Institute.

Daniel is a world renowned expert on Botanical and Integrative Oncology and has written a number of books, articles and databases on complementary oncology and lectures extensively to both medical doctors and CAM practitioners on the subject. Daniel lectures at a number of universities in Australia as well as the USA, including the University of New South Wales, the University of Technology Sydney, Bastyr University and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Stemming from his work in complementary cancer treatments Daniel authored four books on Botanical Oncology to help physicians better understand the central role that botanicals and their isolates play in the healing of cancer and in helping to prevent multi-drug resistance. Tirelessly Daniel has invented systems and tools to help make prescribing for cancer patients easier, and recently through the highly acclaimed BOTANICAL ONCOLOGY APP.

Daniel is not just an academic but also a committed clinician, innovator and educator: he has been in practice since 1974 and sees patients in the clinic or by Skype.





Complementary Oncology

  • Visiting Professor at Tianjin University
  • CEO Panaxea™ International Inc.
  • Daniel is recognized internationally as an informative and passionate speaker, travelling extensively lecturing on modern botanical medicine, psycho physical diseases, microbiome and its spectrum of diseases as well as cancer.
  • Daniel is author of many books and published articles on integrative medicine. Daniel is deeply committed to research and evidence based medicine (EBM), and works to promote integrative clinics.
  • Daniel is Vice-Chair Oncology of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and editor of the Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine. Daniel is a member of the Mederi Scientific Advisory Board, USA, and Advisor to the NIH and Global Consortium of Oncology and Chinese Medicine (Beijing).
  • Daniel holds a Master Degree in Botanical Medicine and has been a Registered Somatic Psychotherapist since 1987.
  • Daniel Weber is a Doctor of Health Science (DSc) from Charles Sturt University and maintains an international practice from his Clinic.



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  • Chinese Herbal Medicine and Psychophysiology-Vagus Nerve: Psychological and  Neurophysiological Dysfunction


  • Introduction to Integrative Oncology: Herbs, Compounds and Supplements in      the Treatment of Cancer
  • Dui Yao: the Art of Formula Construction incl. online database



  • Botanical Oncology; isolates – reprinted March 2014 incl. online database


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  • Formulas, Herbs and Isolates in the Cancer Clinic incl. online database


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