Breast Cancer A Practitioner’s guide Vol 1 &2


Breast Cancer A Practitioner’s Guide Vol 1&2

by Daniel Weber, PhD MSc

This book, Breast Cancer: A practitioners guide opens up historic and real time discussions around novel botanical remedies and complementary medicine approaches that support integrative oncology, including traditional chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and surgery; in an effort to both augmenting treatment response and Quality of Life. For the cancer patient, this book may represent empowerment. Knowledge that is balance with scientific rationale, years of clinical experience, a deep rooted understanding of complementary medicine leading to integrative oncology. For the Clinician, this book may be transformative in its exemplary demonstration of integrating historic lessons with cutting edge treatments; and in combining the best of complementary and conventional medicine supported by research and a never ending enquiring mind.


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Author: Daniel Weber, PhD, M.Sc.
Publisher: Panaxea Publishing
First Published: January 2023

ISBN: 978-0-6455785-1-5
ISBN: 978-0-6455785-0-8


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