The Paintings


I recently returned to finding creative expression through drawing, after 50 years’ absence. In the sixties, I was an actor, scenic builder and designer, theater lighting designer and operator, and a painter. The sixties were as amazing as is told. Or rather the parts I do remember… But everything changes and I ended up in medicine, which I find equally creative as painting.
My return to drawing came from an epiphany stumbled upon in Portland several years ago. I needed some meditative focus that also engaged my aesthetic, my love for form and color. I would hazard to guess I am of the Automatism school, where one is encouraged to draw one’s unconscious. André Breton, French writer, poet and anti-fascist established this discipline through his meeting with Sigmund Freud. You will also notice I outline in Rapidograph pen as this is an attempt to corral some of my internal chaos. I could also say, in the face of punning, I am capturing my internal Jackson Pollock.
This is really helping to manage some island of sanity in an ever chaotic world. If you like any of the drawings and buy one, I promise to take a German out to dinner and tell French Phenomenology jokes over wine.